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So wealthy a Planet was named after them.

Forbes Magazine normally puts out a list of the wealthiest in the World. Black Tie Magazine plans to do the same thing, the only difference is, We will focused on our own backyard. Many don’t know this but one of the Richest people in America, live right here in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Home of Black Tie Magazine. Lets take a look. Meet Jacqueline Mars (below). She is part of the Mars family, which has been around sine 1911. Most know them for their delicious Candy bars, such as, M&Ms, Skittles, Mars Bar in addition, they are one of the Top Companies in the Animal care business. The Company was started by Clarence “Frank” Mars and has kept the Wealth in the Family for over 100 years.

Jacqueline Mars

The Company’s current headquarters is in McLean Virginia. The Company started in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently the Company employs over 100,000 in various parts of the World. The Company like most had its challenges in the beginning stages. They initially tried to launch the brand in Tacoma Washington and was quickly run out of town by a Competitor, “Brown and Haley” who also made Chocolate Bars. Jacqueline Mars took the helm of the Family Company in 1982 as the President of Food Product Group. She held that position until she retired in 2001 after a deadly car accident which left a Grandmother dead. Since than Mrs Mars stop driving and spends less time on the road. This 81 year old heiress hopes her Children and Grandchildren continue to the Family Dynasty into the next Century. Believe it or not, Mrs Mars still likes to make Candy Bars from recipes passed down from Generations.

All her Children and Grandchildren have the recipe and the skills to make Candy Bars. Mrs. Mars spends her time mentoring young aspiring Business Women and according to Forbes Magazine she is considered the wealthiest person in Virginia and definitely the wealthiest person in Virginia Beach. Mrs. Mars is so “low key” you could be standing in line behind her in a grocery story and not realize you are standing behind the wealthiest Woman in Virginia. We are looking forward to our in person video interview with Mrs. Mars. Stay posted.

For Millionaires only

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