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Early on

Gary McColllum is not just an Author of one of the best selling books on Relationships, he’s also an ordained Minister, Civil Rights Leader, Former Army Intelligence Officer and on Top of all that, a top Retired Corporate Executive with Cox Communications. Gary was raised in the projects in the City of Richmond Virginia. He discovered his passion for success early on and decided to get an Education and do something with his life regardless of his surroundings. His love of GOD and passion for Humanity Lead him into the Ministry. He’s become a Guru in Finances, Investing and Money Management and has established somewhat of a Ministry in Money Management. He’s also established a Ministry in Relationships. Which prompt him to write his book, “I Still Do.” The 7 keys to getting married and staying married.


It’s a must read for anyone in a Relationship or very serious about that special person. “I Still Do,” is available on Amazon.


Recently there have been some extremely tragic incidents in the State of Virginia. One included Gary’s dear friend’s Son, Donovan Lynch, which was killed by an Officer of the Virginia Beach Police Department. Gary stepped right in to get to the facts of the case and is currently demanding a Federal Investigation because it is entirely too many unanswered questions about the incident.

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In addition to staying on Top of this Tragic incident, Gary is demanding the City of Virginia Beach establish a Civilian Police review board. The City of Virginia Beach is known for Systematic Racial practices and Policies and just recently a Team of Community activist got together an filed a Federal Lawsuit against the City of Virginia Beach which was spearheaded by Latasha Holloway and Gary assisted with gathering the information. The Lawsuit was Won by this Group and now the City of Virginia Beach must change its voting practices. Gary McCollum an Effective Leader in the United States.

Written by: Khalil.

BLACK TIE MAGAZINE Publisher. Clarence “Khalil” Neely, sat down with Miss USA World, Meliqua Heath for a One on One interview and the first in person interview in the new Black Tie Magazine.

Meliqua Heath Miss USA World
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